Dolce Paganne a.k.a Ceren Aksungur is an Istanbul origin artist  based in Antwerp.

Artist focus in her surreal drawings on the “sinister” aspect that reside in the details of daily life.

Obsessed with the hypnotic aspects of geometric forms, she loves constructing her work originated from a feeling like “sleep paralysis”, around images like dream/nightmare sequences.

Besides that, she loves examining plants and birds, reading asian horror comic books, occult history, ancient mythology, watching dark movies and enjoys a lot listening to music.


2017 Banzai La Revue, Special Volume “Horror”, (Limited Edition Book), La Jetée, France

2018 Banzai La Revue, (Phénakistiscope) Vol. IX, (Limited Edition Book) La Jetée, France

2019 Banzai La Revue, Vol. X, (Limited Edition Book) La Jetée, France

2020 EAU,  Joie Panique, France

2020 FEU, Joie Panique, France

2020 Coronart, (Limited Edition Book), Ludvig Rage Club, UK

2021 Seed, written by Ania Ahlborn, illustrated by Dolce Paganne, (Limited Edition Book), Suntup Editions, US


2008 Bachelor Degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Graphic Design

2017 Masters Degree at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerpen, Graphic Design/ Illustration

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Illusination 167, Collectiv National, Antwerp-Belgium

2018 The Freak Shop, (Semi Solo with Nergiz Yeşil) Collectiv National, Antwerp, Belgium

Group Exhibitions

2007 Enthropy, Daralan, Istanbul – Turkey

2008 Fear of Flying, Daralan, Istanbul – Turkey

2008 Sinopale –International Sinop Bienale, Sinop – Turkey

2009 City and Art, Central St Martins College of Arts Exhibition, London – UK

2009 City and Art , Tophane-i Amire Exhibition, Istanbul – Turkey

2009 Grafist 13, International Graphic Days, Young Talents Exhibition, Istanbul – Turkey

2010 “Let’s Play” Exhibition, Daralan, Istanbul – Turkey

2011 Istanbul Art Fair, TUYAP Exhibition Center, Istanbul – Turkey

2012 Arte Fiera Bergamo, Bergamo Art Fair, Bergamo- Italy

2015 De Lange Nacht at F44, Antwerp, Belgium

2015 Silent Circle, Cinema Zuid (film screening based on works of art), Antwerp – Belgium

2016 Let’s Speak about Notions (vol. 1 and 2), Tight Agressive, Istanbul – Turkey

2017 Art Truc Troc 13′ “Perspective Art”, BOZAR, Brussels – Belgium

2017 Kunstwerk 4, Collectiv National, Plein Publiek- Belgium

2017 Original Works on Paper, Lieve Lambrecht, Gent, Belgium

2017 Reflect, Collectiv National, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 Masters 2017, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp & Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 To Be, KAVKA, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 Small Formats, Lieve Lambrecht, Gent, Belgium

2018 Art Truc Troc 14′ “Body Art”, BOZAR, Brussels,Belgium

2018 Illustrators, DADA Salon, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 All For Heidi / Bomba Gibi Sergi, Mecra, Istanbul, Turkey

2019 Nocturnal Bloom, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 Art Truc Troc 15′ “5 Senses”, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

2019 Evolution of the Essence, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 Uniquely Universal, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 WonderKin, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 MicroVisions 2, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 Fistfuls of Sky, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 Monochromagic, WOWxWOW, Inverness/Scotland, UK

2019 The Monster Project 2019, Doris Miller Auditorium, Austin, Texas, US

2019 Familiars, Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, California, US